Friday, 9 December 2016

Souvenir tajin makeover

Hi, how are you, I gave my souvenir tajin a makeover which I got from a trip to North Africa years ago. It was just plain terracotta colour with some sort of glaze on top. I desired for it a distressed look now! Gessoed it at first, some texture paste, attached a couple of Finnabair Art Pebbles too and then over with the astounding Rust Paste. After that I put a layer of Prima's gorgeous Egg Blue Chalkboard Paint, dabbed a bit off with a kitchen paper and put  a painting knife in action to give it a final worn looking appearance. A layer of Clear Wax to finish it off!

Popping this to Mixed Media Place November Challenge too -

And to Berry 71 Bleu December Challenge - Winter Wonderland

All the best,

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

''One morning.''

Good morning, another mixed media canvas (10 x 14") from me, this time I concentrated on Powertex mainly. Tried out its Rusty Powder too. And its Structure Paste. You can feel the difference of that paste immediately, the texture is just amazing to work with. What else, the 3D Balls are looking like they are toasted! I am just loving that Rusty Powder, it works wonders. My canvas is still smelling vinegar!! Added some frost with Glass Beads Texture Gel, a bit of glam with a mixture of Finn's Glass Glitter & Metallique Ancient Coin and Gel Medium. And the lace got a bit of treatment with Heavy Gesso. I can feel the happiness when an idea has been accomplished and I can see it on the canvas as the result.

Entering my mixed media painting to Mixed Media Place November Challenge. I mainly got inspired from those woolen items on top left.

Thanks a million for popping over!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Another abstract

Another waking hour, another abstract mixed media done. It took me some days, layers after layers as I do indeed keep changing my mind often when painting, and the next day I most likely absorb the painting with a different look as well. I used Sennelier, Liquitex and Schmincke acrylics, a lot of Gloss Gel Medium involved too, String Gel, 3D Balls, Resin Sand ... . Instead of a canvas I took chance with wooden panel again, it works so excellently when doing a mixed media on it! This one is 25 x 30 cm.
I've got to know by years that my style is not loved by many (I am not put off with that!) but I am not the kind of person who would go and change herself just to please others, there's no point of it, so I just keep going like I do as I really do paint (any do any other form of art and craft!) for myself and I am loving it. If you do paint for yourself you do it with more pure passion. She believed she could, so she did!

All the best,

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

My journal cover

Hi, it's getting crispy cold over here already. But I like it, there's is beauty in every season!
I got that ever so popular Finn's Denim Journal too, quite a while ago already. I like its retro look and feel and that's why I couldn't resist getting it. I thought I'd decorate the cover. I kept it retro, at least I think I did. Lots of mixed media on it - gloss gel, textile paints, acrylic inks, mica flakes, gesso, to name a few. Added some lace too and gorgeous Grande Rosette Trim by Prima which I both coloured with acrylic ink and gave highlights with Green Earth Gesso; pieces of Decopatch paper and a round fabric piece (it's a sew on patch by Bright Stem!) to be as a focal point. A little more and I felt it was done.

Entering this to Scrap Africa's Sketch Challenge. I turned that sketch around for me. 

All the best,

Monday, 31 October 2016

Winter wreath

Good evening, today I am sharing with you a winter style mixed media wreath.

It all started with a piece of long raffia and from there my ideas started flowing. I used a jewellery elastic cord to secure the raffia as it's nice and strong.

Then wrapped it with aluminium paper and then with masking tape. With these done I had it ready to add some layers of fabric and lace mixed with Powertex.

From there on I just went mixed media mad and used Sparkle Texture Paste, Asphalt Paste and lots of Finn's products like Micro Beads, Glass Glitter, Graphite Paste, Mica Flakes. Also acrylic paints ... .
For finishing thought the natural dried lotus flower heads would be perfect touch. These are so unique, beautiful.
And of course a little bling for the wreath to make it look more sparkly, I used some of Spellbinders Rhinestones Chain.

All the best,

Friday, 21 October 2016


Good evening! The weeks are just flying by this year ...! I have a mixed media project to share with you today!

I can't believe how few I am doing recently. I hope to change that! And I always say that! I have loads of MDF's and stuff to be altered what are just collecting dust. But here's one today, finished and ready to put somewhere as room decor. As you noticed it's a 'PEACE' standing word (by Kaisercraft), extremely sturdy and it was a pleasure to use it for my artistic experiments. It measures 31 cm x 12,5 cm. I didn't gesso it, went ahead with chalk paint first to give it a starting point.

Then more chalk paints, acrylic paints, Distress Collage Medium Vintage and Asphalt Texture Paste by Faber-Castell too - it is a wonderful and interesting medium. I gave a final sparkle using Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes.
I wanted something autumny and I just enjoyed getting my hands painty again. Some close ups for you too! All the best!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

'Dublin at night'

Good morning, how are you, long time since the last post, ... basically the summer has been busy with kids!! Over the summer till now and continuously I have been seriously following my absolute favourite watercolour artist Alvaro Castagnet. I just love his passion when he paints, his bold colour choices, simple and large brushstrokes!! I have been studying his 'Watercolour Masterclass', looking his DVDs ... . Well, he sure is my inspiration! I have learned to enjoy watercolours for quite a long time already but in the last couple of months or so, I promised myself that I will take it seriously now and will practice and practice. I have my loved watercolour paper - Arches Rough 300 gsm in different sized blocks (which just works better for me than individual sheets!) and Daniel Smith Watercolours, and of course my extended fingers - the watercolour brushes (let me tell you, after long testing - the pure squirrel mops just take a lead!), and here I go! I thought that if I don't start to publish my practice sheets then I would not gain that confidence I am after. I am a beginner and everybody starts from somewhere! Here I have 'Dublin at night' on 18 cm x 26 cm paper.

Monday, 1 August 2016

It's a boy!

Hello, my next door neighbour got a baby boy and I made a quick (I mean extremely fast and simple to make!) card for that occasion with some presents!

All the best,

Saturday, 16 July 2016

A handmade fabric bowl

Hi, how are you, it's about time I am jumping in to challenges again as I enjoy them greatly. Finnabair has one grand challenge at the moment - Denim Journal Giveaway Challenge, and that is just perfect for me! Now that is one journal I would love to win as I like anything retro and I do not own that journal yet! The conditions are that we have to create any kind of artwork inspired by denim. My mind kept moving towards a doing something on a canvas but as mostly always I changed my mind and went for a bowl made out of fabric instead. I didn't have any proper old jeans or sorts what I could use but I did indeed have a few metres of denim cotton twill in vintage blue. I cut out a few pieces from that, some lace too from my stash and a piece of Prima Grande Rosette Trim. Also popped in a handful of Art Stones! I put it all together using a Powertex (transparent and black) which I am a great fan of. At first I chose a suitable size bowl, wrapped it with a cling film and from there I went, layers after layers. Left it to dry overnight at first and removed it from the bowl (it had a bowl shape by then which I was after but was nowhere near as dry of course) as I decided to add some more layers inside. And then the hardest part - the waiting period! Powertex asks for patience! Four full days, I was counting! It was time to add some more interest to that bowl with eyelets, Izink, chalk paint, Art Alchemy Steampunk Copper, more fabric and stuff. And here it is, time consuming but I love it!

All the best,

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

An album

Good evening, getting better, thank God. It's that time again when the primary schools are starting to finish up in a few days and it is that moment when I had the need to make something for a sweet carer in my son's school bus. It's not the easiest thing to be with special needs kids in the bus, I know and I wanted to make something special as a thank you gift, so I made a small album for her! I used the 15 x15 cm Papermania Chipboard Album. The chipboard is really good and thick, I love it. Great value for money too! I also included to the album some cards I have made before and a couple of extra plain papers. The first and last page - 'the covers' I covered with Prima Leather Paper, it is just perfect for this purpose, it really feels like a leather and is quite pliable too. I leave you with the photos, they will tell a story themselves! I really hope she will love it as much I enjoyed making it!

All the best,