Friday, 29 January 2016

''Do not give up.''

Hello, acrylic and slate on wooden panel (30 x 40 cm) to show you today. I surely felt in my element while doing it and now I fancy even more abstract pretty soon, I can feel it.
I made this piece with somebody dear in mind who will have to stay positive and strong and to get through that particular situation, with the help of God.
The wood was untreated so a layer of Heavy Gesso did the job. I wasn't willing to go hunting from nature for some slate so I went the effortless way and bought the cheapest 100% slate board, put it in a plastic bag, got my tool with a heavy metal head mounted at right angles at the end of a handle aka hammer and started smashing! You'll get gorgeous pieces, believe me!
I used Super Heavy Gel Medium to get all those pieces attached to the panel and sprinkled on handful of Micro Beads too. After drying went over with a dry brush to get rid of any loose ones because you do tend to get those even when you use Gel Medium as adhesive. At least it keeps happening with my projects!
It felt way too east at that stage, so I decided to add Extra Coarse Pumice Gel. Fancy stuff!!! It was my first time using it so overnight drying I assumed but around 48 hours instead. But fabulous result, worth the time.
To stop those voices in my head - ''It still might be a bit loose!'' I brushed Matte Gel Medium all over the panel. Now the colour choices from there on were hard to make for me but as you can see I've made up my mind, and here's my - ''Do not give up.''

Entering this to Mixed Media Place Creative Gym #16 ''New Beginnings ... .''

All the best,


  1. Hello Kris....thanks so much for the visit to my blog! ;-) I am well thanks and have been a bit of a slow started in Jan, but hopefully getting it together now! LOL....I hope you are well. This is just a gorgeous piece and the textures and colouring are amazing! I love the sentiment too! I love that you kept to the earthy colours....just fabulous! ;-)

  2. Wow!!! Great work, your canvas is fantastic!! I love all the textures and bits you've put it to create that! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!

  3. Stunning canvas and how cool with all the bits! Amazing colors as well!
    Thanks for joining our challenge at Mixed Media Place!

  4. This is fabulous, a piece of art! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!