Sunday, 28 February 2016

A cup of espresso

Hi, Mixed Media Place has a new Creative Gym up and it's all about coffee this time. I like the smell & taste of coffee but typically I can handle no more than cuppa a day (in the morning!) and it has to be Carte Noire with a splash of milk and two sugars! I love tea more, way more!
Was gathering ideas for many days how I would put coffee in action in a mixed media project. I got an idea to use a canvas board (30 cm one to be precise) and to add some texture and paint and gloss to make it look like an oilcloth on the round table and then use that paper mache cup I had, paint it, distress it, varnish it and fill it with a strong espresso and then spill it, literally. Left that coffee to dry and used Gloss Super Heavy Gel to adhere the cup on to the right place. I know it smelled nicely coffee after drying but it really needed a spray varnish as the coffee would fade sooner or later plus if anything wet would touch that special coffee spill ... . The varnish smell is gone by now and there's still a bit of coffee smell left so that's good!

I thought of using espresso as it's stronger and the Gloss Varnish brought the colour even more up!

For the ''oilcloth'' I used torn 7 Dots Studio Cold Country papers and also some from a newspaper. Made a collage with these papers using a Gloss Gel, then introduced for them some acrylic paints and Powertex 3D Small Balls (mixed those with Gloss Gel and paint). A layer of Gloss Gel on top and a coat of High Gloss Varnish too.

Used two round dome shaped Mosaic Glasses and sponged them with Frost Effect Paint to make them look like mints.

A piece of fabric and Gloss Gel got me a ''newspaper'' ready to read and that paperclip on top to look even more busy ''table''.

Now its only left to attach a frame hanger and find a suitable spot on my kitchen wall!

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Hi, I haven't done any art journaling for ages and I missed it by now so I did a spread in my Stillman & Birn Delta Series Mixed Media Sketchbook, Cold Press, 270 gsm. Seriously the paper in there just keeps amazing me, the feel of it is sensational, superb!
The pages came out quite busy and colourful, that's the way I like it, and featuring a Moskvich! Memories, memories - taking a trip down memory lane - being a still young girl in late 80s and early 90s and how we went with my dad for a drive with Moskvich, trips around the country ... ! Happy tears!
I used 'The (Large) Industrial Lamps' Stamps by Indigoblu too on my journal pages, aren't they just gorgeously ... well, industrial. Also a lot (a lot) of acrylic paints, acrylic inks, a little heat embossing ... and a couple of washi tapes, stickers (six of those are by 7 Dots Studio + a flare button) and other bits and bobs for some extra interest. I absolutely enjoyed digging in to art journaling again. Can't really wrap my mind around why I don't do it more frequently, I should. It really is therapeutical.

Entering my art journal spread to -

IndigoBlu January Challenge: 'Anything Goes'

Scrapki-Wyzwaniowo February Challenge: 'Masculine Project'

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Some friendships last a lifetime ...

Hello, some more golden colours from me today. I show you a card, a very extraordinary one (at least in my mind!) to somebody extra special.

A bit of reusing going on here. Do you notice that drop earring? It's a single one given to me from my dear friend with other bits and bobs who kindly thought I might put it to good use ... and I did! And a ball chain - that's from a dress tag I believe! You can't really see it but the ball chain is through the eyelet what's behind the oh-so-pretty lace as I wanted all that fancy metal to hang loosely from the top of the card - a few metal claw clips as you can see, some Tim Holtz Philosophy Tags, a keyhole, the metal frames with epoxy dots on top. The papers on them (and the big round one with a frame) are by Kaisercraft Antique Bazaar. I fell in love with that collection, sooo beautiful!

The card itself has five craft paper layers underneath to keep it sturdy for all that metal. I dry embossed the top layer, then used many different acrylic paints, did heat embossing, some touches of Antique Wax too and Ecoline, and High Gloss Varnish to seal in the Ecoline. Also gave a touch with Golden Gilding Flakes. On top through the Tim Holtz Doily Stencil I used a mixture of Sparkle Texture Paste and Copper Micro Beads. It left such a fabulous texture!

Entering my card to Berry 71 Bleu February Challenge. (Such gorgeous golden rich colours, and textures, wanted to implement it to my card too!)

Also to Scrap Africa February Sketch Challenge  (I used the metal frames to represent the flowers as on the sketch. The sentiment meaning on my card .. well simply, a true friendship is to be treasured all year, always!)

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Time has a wonderful way of showing us what is important!

Good evening, how are you,
Sharing with you a mixed media 8" x 8" canvas board. I wished for elegance, sparkle (a good deal of sparkle!) and yet something easy to pull off and also something happy. In general I am not a full glimmer fan but those dull after dull days in Ireland made me to do that. Honestly!

Here are the simple steps what I did - at first I covered the board with lace using Matte Gel, painted it golden with acrylics and went over with Antiquing Wax to cool that gold down a bit. Then mixed glitter with High Gloss Varnish to give some slight glossy-sparkle at the back, just a gentle touch. From there on used two doily stencils plus four different Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Texture Pastes. As you can see I used only a couple of embellishments. I managed to find the matching colour frame from my stash to one of the Texture Paste used, fabulous! And I left the wooden doily as it is so that the eyes could rest from all the powering sparkle. Decided to glue on a handful of sparkly beads too yesterday late evening to represent that happiness I was after.

'Time has a wonderful way of showing us what is important' are the words to cherish!

I am entering this to the current challenge over at More Than Words Blog with their Creative Challenge - Sparkle and Word Inspiration - Wonderful.

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