Sunday, 28 February 2016

A cup of espresso

Hi, Mixed Media Place has a new Creative Gym up and it's all about coffee this time. I like the smell & taste of coffee but typically I can handle no more than cuppa a day (in the morning!) and it has to be Carte Noire with a splash of milk and two sugars! I love tea more, way more!
Was gathering ideas for many days how I would put coffee in action in a mixed media project. I got an idea to use a canvas board (30 cm one to be precise) and to add some texture and paint and gloss to make it look like an oilcloth on the round table and then use that paper mache cup I had, paint it, distress it, varnish it and fill it with a strong espresso and then spill it, literally. Left that coffee to dry and used Gloss Super Heavy Gel to adhere the cup on to the right place. I know it smelled nicely coffee after drying but it really needed a spray varnish as the coffee would fade sooner or later plus if anything wet would touch that special coffee spill ... . The varnish smell is gone by now and there's still a bit of coffee smell left so that's good!

I thought of using espresso as it's stronger and the Gloss Varnish brought the colour even more up!

For the ''oilcloth'' I used torn 7 Dots Studio Cold Country papers and also some from a newspaper. Made a collage with these papers using a Gloss Gel, then introduced for them some acrylic paints and Powertex 3D Small Balls (mixed those with Gloss Gel and paint). A layer of Gloss Gel on top and a coat of High Gloss Varnish too.

Used two round dome shaped Mosaic Glasses and sponged them with Frost Effect Paint to make them look like mints.

A piece of fabric and Gloss Gel got me a ''newspaper'' ready to read and that paperclip on top to look even more busy ''table''.

Now its only left to attach a frame hanger and find a suitable spot on my kitchen wall!

Thanks a million for popping by,


  1. Fantastic project Kris! Love all the textures!

  2. Gobsmackingly GORG! Waaay creative too.... That will look stunning in your kitchen!!!!

  3. I love all texture in this project. Thanks for playing with Mixed Media Place Creative Gym

  4. Coffe addict here...love your work layers and textures!!Good luck thank you for joining us in MMP!!

  5. Love how it looks like you have a figure of a person in amongst the coffee - look awesome!! Thanks for playing along with us at Mixed Media Place xx