Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Another abstract

Another waking hour, another abstract mixed media done. It took me some days, layers after layers as I do indeed keep changing my mind often when painting, and the next day I most likely absorb the painting with a different look as well. I used Sennelier, Liquitex and Schmincke acrylics, a lot of Gloss Gel Medium involved too, String Gel, 3D Balls, Resin Sand ... . Instead of a canvas I took chance with wooden panel again, it works so excellently when doing a mixed media on it! This one is 25 x 30 cm.
I've got to know by years that my style is not loved by many (I am not put off with that!) but I am not the kind of person who would go and change herself just to please others, there's no point of it, so I just keep going like I do as I really do paint (any do any other form of art and craft!) for myself and I am loving it. If you do paint for yourself you do it with more pure passion. She believed she could, so she did!

All the best,

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

My journal cover

Hi, it's getting crispy cold over here already. But I like it, there's is beauty in every season!
I got that ever so popular Finn's Denim Journal too, quite a while ago already. I like its retro look and feel and that's why I couldn't resist getting it. I thought I'd decorate the cover. I kept it retro, at least I think I did. Lots of mixed media on it - gloss gel, textile paints, acrylic inks, mica flakes, gesso, to name a few. Added some lace too and gorgeous Grande Rosette Trim by Prima which I both coloured with acrylic ink and gave highlights with Green Earth Gesso; pieces of Decopatch paper and a round fabric piece (it's a sew on patch by Bright Stem!) to be as a focal point. A little more and I felt it was done.

Entering this to Scrap Africa's Sketch Challenge. I turned that sketch around for me. 

All the best,