Monday, 6 March 2017

Ice Resin Galore

Good morning, I am excited, moved by my mixed media necklace which I have been working on for the past 3 days. Apart from the metal pieces and the leather cord, it is basically made from scratch. The beads are baked clay and all the other is done with Ice Resin. I even made the two moulds! I am proud about this piece and will wear it with gratitude! It may look simple to some but I put my heart and soul into making this piece (well I do anyway concerning any project but this one was different!). It was my first time experimenting with Ice Resin and will happily do again very soon. I am in love with this piece -

I mixed into these Ice Resin beauties some Black Seeds, a few drops of Alcohol Inks (two different colours) and Ultra Fine Flower Soft (Sage).

Now this has to be my most favourite part of the necklace - faux pineapple skin . It's Ice Resin too of course but instead of leaving it just yellow (you will see more pics), I drilled a hole in it, gessoed it, and took my time using acrylic paints to make it look almost like a real pineapple skin. A weather proof matte varnish on top by Powertex!

Black seeds and Cadmium Yellow Oil Colour to spice up this piece!

At the back, which was on top of the mould and stayed nice 'n' glossy but I don't mind this shiny side being the back of the pendant!

I will show you now how I made the two moulds. The geometric shape one at first. I snapped my daughters' perfume bottle for it as I was looking around the house some interesting shapes for the pendants. I used Pebeo Silicum Moulding Paste for my moulds. It's one of the nicest silicone moulding paste available in my opinion.

The mould has some imperfections but it made it even more interesting!

Here I am finished mixing in some oil paint into Ice Resin. After that I added the Black Seeds.

Ready to be put away somewhere safe to set, otherwise my kids would of been not resisting of tipping their fingers inside!!

A bit blurry image but you can spot that it is easy to drill the hole in the resin!

Here's one closer image to these vintage looking pendants, here just freshly poured.

I like very much trying out new methods and what better way to get the pineapple skin look than using the real pineapple for it!

Now you have to admit, this is SOMETHING!!

I made another 'pineapple skin' just to show you the transformation.

And here you can see my 'lightbulb' idea for painting and varnishing the beads. Chromium Oxide Green is definitely one of my loved colours. 

Entering this to Finnabair Designers' Fave Challenge Handmade Jewelry.

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  1. this piece is awesome!!!! just awesome!! wow

  2. Wowww this is amazing - thanks for joining us at Berry71bleu for March mood board x

  3. You are so creative Kris....this is just beautiful and lovely to see how you made the pieces! Love, love, love it! ;-) Thanks so much for playing along with us at Berry71Bleu! ;-)