Sunday, 28 May 2017

Find yourself

Good day, my yesterday evening was filled with art journalling - a few strokes of acrylic paint in different shades, water soluble wax crayons, patterned papers, stickers, and that's about it!!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Always add some colour!

Good evening, the sun is still shining bright, so good! I have a great fondness for many-many things I like to do but there's this special great appetite inside me for abstract art which doesn't seem to fade, and I am very fine with that!
I went full on game with this 30 x 40 cm wooden panel, I fancied texture but stayed calm with the tones. Here are most of the stuff I used on it - sculpture medium, gel medium, string gel (a lot of it!!), ceramic stucco, coarse modelling paste, plenty of grey gesso, acrylic paints, acrylic inks, slate, metallique wax, wooden buttons, tulle, dried and pressed mulberry wood! Eventually I might spray some coats of high gloss varnish on that panel as I would love it shiny plus it will also bring out the colours even more!

I am nuts about these glossy splatters, all thanks to string gel!

Here's one 'before' pic, the transformation is quite extreme which is good!

Entering my painting to Mixed Media Place April Challenge

All the best,

Chicken wire noteboard

This one is all about home decor. It's an interesting piece, 30 x 30 cm chicken wire where I added Rusty Pastes. Sealed it with Soft Matte Gel Medium as it can be a bit crumbly when done on delicate surface. And just added (and keep changing it time to time) different bits and bobs, you can spot quote on paper, cement piece, resin mint leaf (I did the mould myself using a fresh mint leaf!!) and resin raspberry (used a ready made mould for that!), fabric sew on patch, metal spoon ..., magnets (work great on metal of course), ... the only limit is my imagination!

All the best,

Cactus necklace

I am on the roll as I have to post about one new mixed media piece over here anyways, I might as well do some more older ones. This one is all about resin. A necklace I did. Poured the resin into the mould, added some alcohol inks for the colour but didn't really needed to do that as I covered it with gesso anyways! Drilled a hole, painted it with acrylics, some pinch of Metallique Wax, and ... the pictures will tell everything. Easy! Love it to bits as it is different and I simply love uncommon things.

Just because I love green, cactuses and mint tea.

Good morning, what a wonderful weather we have today in Dublin! I am keeping up with my posts as I promised to myself yesterday. If you happen to be an art journaller then you most certainly are aware of that sparkly feeling when it hits you, then you just have to grab your art joural and start playing. This is one of my evening journalling pleasures. Just because I love green, cactuses and mint tea. Which I really do.

All the best,

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Pouring Medium Test

Hello, a good couple of months ago I bought a bottle of Liquitex Pouring Medium as I wanted to try it out, which I did and enjoyed and can't wait to do my second panel but a bit more larger this time. Here's my 30 x 25 cm acrylic pouring on a wooden panel. I had a blast! I did this piece over 2 months ago but seriously I have to keep up with my blogging. I have done quite many projects but just haven't posted these over here. I might just do that in a few days to come.
In the meantime I have read that by adding surgical spirit (or more commonly known as the rubbing alcohol) into the pouring medium mix will create some amazing cells. Will have to try that one out!